Fabricantes de guantes de látex, nitrilo y vinilo 

• Sales Activities: Our European commercial service is responsible for providing our clients with information on prices, time frames and the quality of delivered products as well as carrying out local market research. Our North, South and East European operations, as well as America, are also managed from our Spanish office (Madrid).

• Activity Sectors: Our reaction capacity and our experience in Asian and European market research has enabled us to expand in three activity sectors: Doctor: which represents 75% of our sales, and Industry and Hygiene: representing the remaining 25%.

Above all, our commitment is to offer the very best value quality/price with the guarantee of a quality service, helping our clients to grow.

The specific objectives of our team in Asia are the following:

• To Guarantee the best purchasing conditions: price + quality

Quality guarantee: the carrying out of quality controls on the finished products in our Asian factories (Thailand, Malaysia and China). These quality controls are carried out, according to the European and American quality control standards in force, before the merchandize is shipped. A Quality Control Certificate is issued after each quality control inspection.

Price negotiation: to negotiate and control the prices of the finished goods by following the evolution of the production costs and of the raw materials (PVC, Latex ...). This enables us to offer our clients the best prices in line with the specific market conditions at any given moment.

• Provide a turnkey, innovative service:

Finding new products, as well as collaborating with our clients in the analysis of the specific characteristics of the articles in order to offer the best possible quality - 99% of our products are produced under our client’s brands and according to their requirements.

Managing logistics: arranging shipments in order to offer our clients a global service (by road, sea, customs documents) from the moment the merchandize leaves our factory in Asia to its delivery at the client’s warehouse.
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